1. All coaches shall be required to register prior to their first game.
  2. All Coaches and managers are responsible for reading and understanding the rules.

Roster and Players

  1. All tournament players must be listed on your first game sheet to be eligible to play in the tournament.
  2. All players shall play in at least one round robin game to be eligible to participate in the playoff round.
  3. A player can only play for 1 team during the tournament weekend.
  4. Birth Certificates or photocopies must be available for presentation if requested.
  5. Maximum of 18 players may register and dress for each game.


  1. Teams shall be ready to start 15 minutes before scheduled time
  2. There will be a 3-minute warm-up prior to each game.
  3. Game length, 12-12-12 minute periods for all categories
  4. There will be no overtime in round robin games
  5. 30 Second Time outs will only be allowed in the Quarters, Semis and Finals
  6. Scoreboard will not display any additional goals if the goal spread becomes greater than 5 goals.
  7. Running time will commence in the third period if a 5-goal differential and will run balance of game (To revert back to stop time goal differential must be reduced to 3)
  8. Body contact will be permitted in boy’s hockey starting at the 2010 Age group and older.


  1. No matter what the score ends up, a team cannot be credited more than a 5-goal difference. The winning team will be credited with 5 goals greater than the opposing team’s score.
  2. Two points awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.


At the end of round robin play the teams will be seeded according to the total number of points obtained.

The following tie breaking formula will be utilized should teams be tied.

  1. head to head (if applicable; In event of a three-way tie skip to next step)
  2. goal percentage – add goals for and goals allowed and divide the total into the goals for. Highest percentage will advance
  3. lowest goals against
  4. most goals for
  5. coin flip

Playoff round ties will be broken with a 3 minute 3 on 3 sudden death overtime.  If still tied then 3 minute 2 on 2 sudden death overtime. If still tied there will be a 3-player shootout. No player may shoot for a second time until each player has been used once.

If team receives penalty in 3 on 3 overtime period opposing team will receive 4 on 3 powerplay for 2 minutes (when penalty is over it reverts back to 3 on 3)

If team received Penalty in 2 on 2 overtime period opposing team will receive 4 on 3 powerplay for 2 minutes (when penalty is over it reverts back to 2 on 2)

Tournament and equipment governed by Hockey Canada (CHA) rules.

Any player receiving a game misconduct will be suspended for the remainder of that game and shall be subject to further suspension pending review by game officials and Tournament Committee.

Full face masks are required. Neck guards are recommended for USA teams but not mandatory.